Born on August 30 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska, the United States was the second of three children and the only son of Leila and Howard Buffett. From a young man who was passionate about investment, to becoming the most successful investor of his generation Warren Buffet definitely has some secrets that made him hugely successful. But wait! Why are some people very successful in life when most other people fail? It must be because successful people know, think, and do certain things that other people don’t. Warren Buffet’s 6 secrets of success. By secrets, we mean what he knows, thinks, and does that makes him very successful.

Know what you want early in life.

Warren Buffet bought his first shares in CitiesService at age 11 and also bought for his sister Doris Buffet. When he finished high school, his senior yearbook reads “like math and a future stockbroker.” Warren had always wanted to do business. He didn’t even want to go to college because of the successes he had recorded in his enterprises, he wanted to go straight into the business world but his father made him enroll in college. As we’ve emphasized many times on this channel, discovering your passion early in life is very important. Your entire life shouldn’t be about 10 professional 5 careers. You’ll become successful faster in life if you identify a single area where you’re passionate and focus on that all your life. 

Start small and dream big

Warren Buffet started his business ventures by selling Chewing gum, coca-cola bottles, and weekly magazines from door to door. While in high school, Buffet made money from delivering newspapers, selling golf balls and stamps, detailing cars and so many other means. Warren made more than 175 dollars monthly by delivering Washington Post Newspapers at 15. By the time he finished college, Warren Buffet had accumulated $9,800 in savings. We have seen so many people who are trying to start big. That’s a poor life’s strategy. Stop waiting for perfect weather. No matter how big your goal is, you can always start where you are, with what you have, no matter how small. 

Be very Hungry for success in Life

Warren Buffet started a couple of companies partnership from 1951, he didn’t get the result he wanted, he then took a train to Washington D.C seeking for opportunities but found none. He wanted to work on Wall Street but his father and Benjamin Graham his teacher urged him not to. He also wanted to work for Free for BenjaminGraham but he also refused at that time. Because Warren was not the type that gives up, because he was hungry for success, he got a job as a stockbroker and then started taking Dale Carnegie's public speaking course. After taking the course, he got the confident to teach people who are twice his age “investing Principles” night class at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. In 1954, Warren finally got a job with Benjamini Graham, where he learn the basics of investing. Not so many people become successful by trying one or two things. Among other things, you need to be hungry for success and be restless until you get it. According to Napoleon Hill in his classic book (Think and Grow Rich), the single most important attribute of every successful person is persistence. You must be able to hang on after most people have dropped out. 

Get married when you’re broke

This could be funny, right? But we think it’s good advice because after you’re rich, everyone pretends to love you. This can lead you into a wrong marriage and wrong marriage can lead you to any other ugly stuff. Warren Buffet got married when he was still pursuing his dreams back in 1952, ten years after his wedding in 1962 he became a millionaire. Warren lived with his first wife Susan Thompson for 52 years till she died in 2004. When money comes everyone claims to love you. Maybe getting married before you are rich is good advice for you.

Failure is inevitable

I bought a large amount of ConocoPhillips stock when oil and gas prices were near their peak” Buffet said, “I in no way anticipated the dramatic fall in energy prices that occurred in the last half of the year. I still believe the odds are good that oil sells far higher in the future than the current $40–$50 price. But so far I have been dead wrong. Even if prices should rise, moreover, the terrible timing of my purchase has cost Berkshire several billion dollars.” Warren Buffet said after his stocks crashed in 2009. No matter who you are and no matter the level of your expertise, you must understand that failure is a major part of success. This is clearly seen in the life of Buffetwho is considered to be the oracle of investing. Young people, get over your expectation of a perfect or smooth life’s journey. Mistakes, headaches, and failures are all part of the game. Just like Bill Gates said; “Life isn’t easy. Just get used to it”

Focus on your strengths

Warren Buffet has always invested in businesses understood and technology is one of those areas he considers not to understand. Before meeting Bill Gates in 1991, Warren had never done anything significant with personal computers. He was used to taking diary and pen around, jolting down stuff; however, his friendship with Bill Gates has paid off as he began to change his mind gradually. In November 2011, it was announced that over the course of the previous eight months, Buffett had bought 64 million shares of international business Machine Corp (IBM) stock, worth around $11 billion. This move came as a surprise to many investors and observers as it’s unusual of the Oracle of the Omaha. Don’t get distracted by the noise all around you. Focus is very important in life. You don’t have to understand everything, you only have to understand fewer things than most people in the world. Be humble and give back despite being a billionaire, Warren Buffet still takes an annual salary of one hundred thousand dollars as of 2006. He lives in the same house in the central Dundee neighborhood of Omaha which he bought for $31,500 in 1958. On December 9, 2010, Buffett, Bill Gates, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed a promise they called the "Gates-Buffett GivingPledge", in which they promise to donate to charity at least half of their wealth, and invite other wealthy people to follow suit. Life seems to reward givers.

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