Remember when you were a kid and you used to wish upon a star? You wanted to be an astronaut or an ice cream taster, maybe even the president. Well, as we grow older those dreams tend to change and most of us end up settling for something else (and by 'settling' I mean the thing that will pay our bills). However, those may not necessarily be YOUR dreams; those may just be dreams that your parents want you to pursue or things that society deems as proper.

So how do YOU find the right career path for yourself? It's actually easy: First head down any road and see which one sounds best and feels right. For example, if you fashion but don't want to be a designer, but just to work in fashion, then hightail it over to the nearest retail store or wherever they are hiring.

Whatever road you pick up will become your career path. You might even realize that you don't want to do anything but travel. If so, take traveling as your 'career'. It will be hard at first until you start making money off of it (i.e.: doing tours, selling photos), but if this is what you really want then keep after it!

So many people nowadays try and go into things that society deems as proper careers without thinking about if they really enjoy them or not. Because of that, they don't end up being very successful at all. They don't have the drive to do their jobs well and so they get passed over for promotions or get fired. Then they have nothing to fall back on and get stuck with a string of minimum wage jobs that only lead them so far in life.

So what I want you to think about today is: What do YOU want to be when you grow up? Yes, I know it sounds childish but there's a reason I asked. Whatever answer you give me will be your career path, whether or not it pays well or even exists yet! If you can't figure out what you want from this list then maybe take a trip around the world (if you can afford it) and see if anything feels right. Think about what other people want from you, too. Are their dreams different from yours? If so then this list is not for you.

It's a lot deeper than just picking a job and going about it day by day. Your career path should be something that excites you and gives your life meaning! Many of the roads on this list may have some sort of overlap with each other but they can all have drastically different meanings to people who take them as their careers. Remember that when deciding what road to pick next!

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