Did you know that most textbooks are unread after the semester is over? Many students only spend 6 hours or so reading each week, with 50 weeks in a semester. That means they'll read 300+ hours worth of material in one year, which is an entire workweek.

This is why it's so sad to see all the unused/ partially used textbooks collecting dust in your dorm room, or taking up space on your campus' store shelves. Instead of letting those books go to waste, you can sell them online and earn yourself a nice payday.

1. Create a List of Your Textbooks

The first step in selling used textbooks online is to create a list of your textbooks. You will want to include information such as the ISBN, the author, publisher, and edition number, and if possible how much you paid for each book and its condition. Having this detailed information will help you sell your books at the highest quality and price potential. To maximize your sales it is strongly advised that you take photographs of all your books before you list them for sale online so prospective buyers can see what they are getting.

2 . Register on Amazon's Textbook Buyback Program

Amazon operates one of the largest buyback programs for college students buying new and used textbooks. The website allows users to sell back their textbooks in most cases within 24 hours after they are purchased. The company pays out with an Amazon gift card which can then be converted to check, deposited into a linked bank account or used to purchase items from the site. The website has millions of users and is often one of the first places people will look for their next textbook, which makes it the perfect place to sell your books online.

3 . Sell Your Books on eBay

eBay operates as another place where you can sell your textbooks online quickly and easily for cash. Simply create an account, list all of your books for sale, take some high-quality pictures of them, and ship them off when you receive payment. On average it only takes 2-4 days before someone purchases your books meaning you can probably have the money in your bank account within a week or so. The only downside of eBay is that you typically do not get as good prices as you would elsewhere, but sometimes convenience trumps price and time savings.

4 . Sell Them Back to Your College Bookstore

If you are going to college, don't ignore your school's bookstore! Many schools pay out cash for used textbooks and will often offer a better return on books with high demand than a short-term gain at a pawn shop or retailer. Make sure to ask about their rates before they buy back your books from you -- some older editions or those without current resale values may be worth more elsewhere. If they won't give you any money back consider selling them online through the links listed above.

5 . Sell Your Books to a Local Bookstore or Pawn Shop

If your school does not buy back textbooks at all, you can sell them to a local book store or pawnshop for cash. Many times these places will be willing to pay good money for used textbooks and may offer competitive rates and services when compared with online retailers and websites.

6 . Donate Your Textbooks

Lastly, if you have some textbooks that are simply in too poor of condition to sell but still hold value then consider donating them. Many charities such as Goodwill Industries provide free books and clothing to those who need them most -- such as low-income families or struggling college students -- so they would greatly appreciate it if you dropped off your used textbooks to any of their locations.

When selling your old textbooks online, you have a number of options that can be appealing depending on how much time and effort you want to put into the sale, how much risk you are willing to take and what price point for resale value best meets your needs. It is strongly recommended to take photographs of each book before trying to sell them so potential buyers can see exactly what they are getting without having to spend hours looking through every single book in person.

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