Student accommodation is in high demand, with the university period being the best time for students to live in student accommodation. 

The benefits of living in student accommodation include:

  • Onsite support services   (especially helpful when moving away from home)
  •  Living among like-minded people who are at a similar stage of their life 
  • Access to tutors and TAFE courses  (if you are studying) 

Besides these great benefits, here are some tips on how you can get your hands on this great housing solution! 

Find out if you're eligible earlier than usual Most universities start accepting applications for student accommodations once classes have begun. However, most landlords don't really begin advertising apartments until about a month before the commencement of classes. If you're looking to get your hands on a great apartment, it will help if you find out about eligibility and accommodation options earlier than usual.

Check for open houses at student accommodations While you can't exactly do this in May or June, some landlords begin hosting "open houses" as early as March. This usually happens where lots of students live (e.g., Carlton) and is a great way to check out available apartments away from the general public which might be swarming around during semester start up. As an added bonus: since not many people know about these openings, you'll get first pick on what's available!

Apply before everyone else Getting your application for student housing in before everyone else is key. You can't just go and put in your application for a room/apartment whenever you want to - the landlords, like most people, aren't usually very receptive towards latecomers. Make sure you apply early to get your name on the list!

During the semester

Find out about what's available near universities If you're living close to where you study or work (e.g., if you take public transport), it might be best to find student accommodation that's only a short distance away from your classes and work. This way, you can save money on transportation costs and enjoy all that inner-city living has to offer!

Live with friends It may be tempting for you and your friends to live apart during semester, but we recommend that you look into the benefits of living on campus together. This way, you'll get more opportunities to bond with one another and enjoy a truly memorable experience!

Check out student housing near universities Often, after students graduate and move on from their university days, they make sure to avoid renting close to any place where there's a university nearby. However, it's actually quite fun (not to mention affordable) if you decide to rent close by - either as students who are attending classes or as working professionals. It might be worth checking out!        During the holiday's University accommodation is usually rented year-round; however, most landlords physically check in on their tenants at least once every three months. If you're living in university accommodation during the holidays, your landlord might assume that you are not using this place for its intended purpose (i.e., as housing while attending classes) and rent it out to someone else - this means that you'll have to find new student accommodation come semester time!

Find out what options are available away from universities Are you one of these students who really want to get away from campuses once in a while? While most apartments will attract students like magnets, others may be located near public transport routes or places of interest where people tend to socialize; either way, if possible, try looking around before opting for anything totally off-campus.

Once You've Found Your Student Accommodation

Make sure your bond is paid off before leaving Make sure that you've cleared the last installment of your rental bond before you leave - or else, if a landlord finds out that this wasn't done, they have every right to charge you.

Look into other housing options This holds especially true for those living in student accommodation near universities whose courses don't start until much later on in the year. Places like Flatshare Australia can help students rent their property as a room share during semester break and earn some quick cash!   

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