Have you ever wondered how to analyze your competitor to rank higher in Google SERPs? There are several tools that can be used for the analysis of a competitor's website and web pages. One of my favorite free online tools is Open Site Explorer or OSE developed by HubSpot this tool enables the user to view the number of linking root domains, Facebook shares + likes, tweets, LinkedIn shares, and Google plus ones that each webpage has received. This information gives the site owner an idea of what content is currently liked by internet users which will also help them come up with better content since human beings tend to create things they like even if it may not be good. Another great within OSE is technology this technology is also located within the upper navigation menu under technology where one can view technical information such as HTML tags found on each web page, keywords used in the website, and backlinks.

Another great tool is SEMrush which enables a user to view competitors' PPC budgets for specific ad categories, with this site owners can find out how much their competitors are spending per click on Google Adwords and other search engines. This knowledge will help you plan accordingly in terms of budget and bidding so that your ads do not collide when they run in the same time slot. A person will be able to adjust his or her bids with confidence when he or she knows that they have enough money left to win the bid

Authority Labs is another tool that can be used for competitive analysis. According to Authority Labs, this tool is designed to "discover the links and social signals of competing and similar sites" it does this with a breakdown of link types such as homepage links, inner page links, and external links. The great thing about Authority labs is you don't have to pay for anything unless you want additional data which they sell at $49 per month or with tools that will help you analyze your own site such as Mozscape API (requires yearly payment), Majestic SEO API (requires yearly payment) and ahrefs API (requires quarterly payment).

SimilarWeb also provides website traffic information on competitors however it will cost money but has more features compared to other free analytic sites such as a heat map, a bounce rate, and other features you can find below.

There are also free tools that have been created to help analyze competitors' content by examining their metadata. One of the most trusted tools is SEMrush where one can type in a specific web page or website into the SEMrush toolbar this will bring up data related to backlinks, keyword ranking position, traffic, etc., In terms of meta keywords it provides information on a number of words used in each webpage which helps one determine if they have overused certain words on their site.

Another great way to see what your competitors are doing is by going to Google Adwords and typing in a targeted keyword term for example I would like to find out what content my competitor is creating or sharing on social media about weight loss for women I would type in "Weight Loss For Women". From the results below you can click on any of your competitor's links and view their website where I could assess if they are using keywords in their metadata, titles, headings, etc.

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The last method that will provide information on the competitive landscape of the web page, website, or online content's in this case is by using tools such as BuzzSumo which enables one to see most shared content under various topics during a specific time period. According to BuzzSumo, this tool is designed to find out what kind of content is currently trending on social media when it comes to blogs, images, videos, etc. I would enter a keyword phrase into BuzzSumo and look at the results to see what other people are also talking about within the online marketplace. One last tip, don't forget to capitalize on your competitor's mistakes by analyzing them from time to time as SEO is always changing as Google updates its algorithm.

To conclude although having a competitive analysis can help boost sales it does not guarantee sales since there will always be someone that comes up with better content, services, or products than you but having an analytical view of your competitor's sites will ensure that one delivers a high standard of customer service and provides a high standard of work which in turn could increase sales overnight.

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