In this post, I'm going to go through the steps on how to find a saturated niche for your new blog.

You've just started a new blog and you're excited about your future. You know that most blogs fail within a few months, but you're going to give it 100% until you succeed!

You've been browsing some forums and see people talking about making money online from their blogs. This is great news because, with all the knowledge in the world at your fingertips, you can make money blogging!

Little did you know there are over 9 million other bloggers competing for the attention of advertisers so they can monetize their traffic. How do bloggers stand out from the rest? It's actually quite simple.

Blogs that provide the most value and stand out to advertisers are those with a specific niche topic. A blogger who targets a very specific market will be much more successful than one trying to target all audiences.

When it comes to blogging, you need to pick a narrow topic or small group of related topics that your blog will focus on. When I say small, I mean as small as possible while still providing enough information for readers to find relevant answers when searching the web.

For example, there is no point in blogging about "fast cars" because everyone knows about fast cars. It would be better if you created a blog dedicated specifically to Volkswagon Beetles for sale in Kenya, which is an example of an ultra-specific topic. 

Now, don't go ahead and start thinking about your blog in such minute detail; I only chose that example because it's a good one to show how small you can make your niche. You should actually choose something slightly larger than that, maybe related to cars or even the best cars for first-time buyers. There are already millions of other blogs out there talking about fast cars, so it would be very difficult to compete with them for attention from advertisers since they have all the brand visibility advantages.

The number of people searching on Google for "fast car" is over one million every month - do you think anyone would ever find your blog?

These days most bloggers attempt to target mainstream topics which way too broad, making it very difficult to get any visibility.

Instead of creating a blog about fast cars, why not just create a blog which is about Volkswagon Beetles for sale in Kenya and nothing else? This would be much more achievable than attempting to target all car enthusiasts!

Before starting your new blog, you should do some research on Google Trends so you can find similar blogs and see what keywords they are ranking for. If there isn't enough search volume for specific keywords related to the topic you want to write about, then it may be too competitive and you'll never be able to compete with them. However, if their traffic is low while the keywords have high search volumes (over 1 million per month), then this may be a great opportunity that's worth pursuing!

Searching for specific keywords related to your blog topic will show how many people are already searching every month. The more, the better (at least in terms of search volume). If you can add a few million to this total by targeting even more long-tail keywords, then the blog would be much more appealing to advertisers and could generate some nice revenue.

Remember, you don't want to compete with high authority blogs; instead, try and find a unique angle on a popular theme and become an expert in that niche.

If there isn't enough traffic related to your chosen topic/niche then consider blogging about something closely related which has higher search volumes or is easier to rank for. I recommend starting out with something easier like "dog training" or "cars under $5000" for example.

Once you've written your first few posts it's time to start looking at keywords people may be searching for related to your topic so you can optimize these articles further by including them in the post title and meta description.

Since Google is now giving preference to blogs that are targeting specific popular niches, these types of blogs will get more free traffic than those just writing about random mainstream topics.

Don't forget there are other ways to monetize your blog as well - affiliate marketing with Amazon is a great way if done right! You could even create an e-book on how to buy Volkswagon Beetles in Kenya and sell this through Amazon instead of trying to monetize through page views.

One of the best ways to get traffic from search engines is to create a few guest posts on popular blogs in your chosen niche. You can find these blogs manually through Google or use a site like AllTop for inspiration. If you already have some decent backlinks then it will be much easier to convince them to accept a guest post from you!

But, what if I'm not sure which topic I should start a blog about? What if there are too many different niches out there and I don't know which one will make the most money? This happened to me recently when I opened up an account at Big Scoots hosting, so they asked me my name and occupation when they signed me up.

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