Have you already taken a number of SEO / Internet Marketing advice from your friends and other people only to fail to see any result after months of hard work?

The fact is, most people who have been around the internet marketing industry can easily point out one major mistake that 90% of the webmasters are doing on their website. That mistake as simple as it as deadly - not updating old posts regularly.

In today's article, I'll show you how proper website post updates can dramatically boost up the search engine ranking of your web pages and we will take a look at an easy way to do that. Let's start:

1) Background and simple explanation: It is a very common thing that you find tons of articles on the internet about how to get free backlinks, higher search engine ranking, and tricking Google into indexing your posts. While this kind of article might attract lots of people who want to learn, they mostly fail as this approach does not work as spammy black-hat SEO tricks usually do. In fact, most of those so-called study materials are written by webmasters who have been around for years now but never invested much time themselves in maintaining their base website pages.

A great example from my personal experience would be a website that I recently built with a group of friends. We all know that the foundation of every successful website is the website structure and that is what we did first. We actually spent several months researching and planning our site ideas before even thinking about building a site or choosing a hosting provider. What we focused on was creating an extensive research-base of information that you can use for reference. After we finished we had tons of easy to update pages (over 200) and every page was full of practical content including:

  • hundreds of datasheets, spreadsheets, and other downloadable software
  • detailed step by step instructions with screenshots
  • internal linking between those posts so that web crawler bots from major search engines could easily navigate through each one without getting lost.

2 ) The Result: In our particular case the whole website structure was one month old when we applied our post updates. ( It is important to note that not all of these 200+ pages were actually ranking well in Google at that time) Let's take a look at what happened next:

Within 1 month, major search engines like Google and Yahoo started indexing almost every page on our website which increased the organic traffic (search engine traffic) by more than 70%. More importantly, it brought dozens of high-quality backlinks from big websites like Wikipedia, NASA, NASA TV, HP, Intel, and many other authority sites.

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The Conclusion: How simple can it be? You just have to your posts people! Just imagine if you have a website with 100 posts that are more than 2 years old. You just have to spend 10 minutes every month updating every one of them and then sit back and relax, let the search engine do their work, bring you thousands of new visitors and most importantly: - earn you lots of money in less than 6 months!

If you've been in internet marketing for a while then I am sure that at least 80% of your websites share this same problem. After all, it is very unlikely that when you start building your website pages, can predict when they will stop generating money for you. Thanks again for reading my article and when it comes to posting updates or any other web research-related question, please feel free to contact me at my Google+ Profile.

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