This article is about how to correctly set up an email campaign (i.e., as opposed to spamming as often done by those trying to make a quick buck). So if you want to know the correct approach to email campaigns.

Email marketing has been around for a long time and it can be a valuable tool for both small businesses and large corporations alike. The purpose of any email marketing campaign though should always be clear - which is usually either awareness or direct response. Any other goal that your email may have might just fail in delivering results that are worth the money spent on creating and sending them out. In this way, take note not only of these two goals but also keep track of what they contribute to your company's big picture.

In the aspect of awareness, this means that email campaigns can be used to create a sense of familiarity with your company and the products or services that you offer. In the aspect of direct response, on the other hand, this approach is meant to generate some sort of an action (e.g., purchase, downloading material) from the customer - resulting in an actual sale.

When done correctly, both types of email campaigns can be powerful tools for marketing purposes, but if not executed properly it will only come off as spam instead (which is definitely something you do NOT want happening). Because like any other platform out there (such as Facebook), it requires time and effort invested into it; half-hearted efforts will never do anything more than hurt your brand.

Although there's a lot more to it, you should keep these two things in mind when thinking about "correctly" using email campaigns. So just remember that this approach is meant to achieve either awareness or direct response goals and stick with one of them.

In the next section, we'll look into the 'correct way of setting up an email campaign so that you can use it as a powerful tool for marketing purposes not spamming!

Most of us have received some sort of promotional material in our mailboxes at least once before, but what do they all have in common? They were boring and/or useless most likely - which is why nobody actually read them (so they ended up in the trash). So the question of 'how to correctly set up an email campaign' is first and foremost on your mind.

A successful email marketing campaign will first start with a good subject line or a catchy headline as it will be what makes people decide whether they want to open it or not. This is why you should spend some time crafting one that doesn't sound too sales-y but also interesting enough that people won't just immediately trash it. In this way, try to come up with something that'll encourage them yet at the same time play down any concerns they might have about being sold to.

In terms of content, keep in mind that most people can't stand reading through too much text - which is why long paragraphs and blocks of text should be avoided. And although they want to know what it's about, they also don't want the whole story right away either (hint: try giving out a teaser).

Because of this, you should instead consider short and concise paragraphs in order to get your message across and/or get straight to the point. If you can somehow capture their attention easily within that initial paragraph then you're all good - here would be a good place to add in any links for further reading if necessary.

Many people who receive promotional material won't actually read everything so keep this in mind when coming up with subject lines and headlines as well as planning content for your email campaign. In this way, even if they do open them up but decide not to read carefully, you'll still want to keep them interested enough to do so.

And of course, there are more factors that can make or break an email marketing campaign but it all boils down to these two main things - the subject line/headlines and the content of your emails. So if you can get these right, then half your job is already done!

Of course, that's not really how email marketing works but more like one of many strategies that can be used in driving traffic towards your website. It's what you're doing now too - looking into how it should be done correctly. But before we end this post off on 'how to set up an email campaign,' remember that while typical promotional materials are within their rights to be boring and/or useless, not all of them are!

And that's the main difference between email marketing campaigns and more general advertising - it can be done right. Instead of just using stuff like banners on websites or ads on social media, you're also able to send out customized promotional materials with interesting subject lines and content directly to their mailboxes! Now, this is what I call interactive marketing.

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